Giorgia Crea

Giorgia was born and raised in Roma in a lovely and humble family.  Surrounded by aunts and uncles in the guise of “second”” parents and cousins like brothers. Growing up she felt her family had a really “feminine” vision of her future and at the same time she was realizing that there was a world outside her (wonderful) city and the night life was really fascinating her.  Her “black sheep” path was just behind the corner! 😉  So in the meanwhile she was studying Interior Design at the university , she used to work in Cocktail Bars; and day by day she felt in love with that “stage” called counter.  This happened exactly when she has been brought by a friend to the Stravinsky Bar @ The Hotel de Russie 5*Luxury (the hotel of the VIPs) for an interview. But the most thrilling magic was happening behind the bar! People lives are so interesting for her, the way they speak or the way they eat. And in 10 years she has seen millions of stories, lives and crazy things from behind the counter! She did all the courses she could possibly find to improve her knowledge and after 2 years she left Rome for London where she improved the high standards service skills and the bartending techniques. Her experience continues following her husband in Miami at Zucca in Coral Gables where she discovered Gra’It Grappa and its visionary “grappalution”!

Crea Giorgia Gra'it cocktail

“A Care Affair”


Gra’it Grappa

Vermouth Cocchi Rosa

Sherry Pedro Ximenez

Grape Seeds Oil

Rose Water