Meredith Barry

Meredith Ann Barry hails from South Carolina via Long Island, New York. From her humble beginnings of mini bottles and Island Oasis Piña Coladas while working at the country club her father managed, she has propelled herself into the Chicago scene, currently creating craft cocktails at one of the top bars in the city, Kimpton’s Vol. 39. Her delightful demeanor and daring flavor combinations have entranced visitors at Chicago icons such as The Florentine, Anteprima, Ombra, and Sable Kitchen and Bar. Meredith believes in the power of acting, speaking, leading, and being consistent in expectations and commitments to those around her—whether at home or in the workplace.  She is forged in the heat of passion for the love, respect, and dedication to the hospitality industry and to every individual who walks through the door to create a lasting genuine experience.

Meredith barry gra'it cocktail

“Side by Side: the Gra’it Caffè dell’Amicizia”


Gra’it Grappa

Amaro OF Bonollo

Cold brew coffee

Dolin liqueur


Crème de cacao

Cinnamon citrus zest syrup