Entry 1 (Sept. 27): Not even 6 hours of jet lag was enough to slow down our winners on their Gra’it Italian tour! As soon as they stepped off the plane at Milano Malpensa, the winners were immediately enveloped in the incredible atmosphere of Milan. After a quick tour around the city, they met up with the Gra’it representatives to navigate around the Navigli, stopping to enjoy some of Milan’s vibrant nightlife at Mag Cafè and Iter. While some of our winners were eager to show off their skills behind the bar, the others were content to enjoy the evening in the company of Luis Hidalgo and Fabio Raffaelli (who was one of the judges at the Gra’it Competition’s Grande Finale in Miami). All in all, it was the perfect end to the first day of the Gra’it Tour!

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